The General Data Protection Regulation is something that Ojoor is committed to upholding (GDPR). To assist our users and clients in complying, Ojoor maintains product features, business protocols, and legal papers. Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below for the benefit of our clients, staff members, and job prospects. You may see the comprehensive policy.

How do we gather data?

Any personal, employment, payroll, or location information knowingly and voluntarily provided by a Customer (Employer), End User, or the Customer’s administrator, or through an employee’s use of the Ojoor platform, constitutes the data that Ojoor collects and is being gathered through the Service. Additionally, the employer might ask for location data in order to keep track of employee time. A job seeker’s information may also be gathered by our employers via our hiring platform.

What is the privacy policy of Ojoor?

You can see our privacy policy here, which goes into great detail on how we adhere to the GDPR.

Who is in charge of employee data?

The data of all employees belongs to any Ojoor customer who uses our services to store their applicant or employee information. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to update and delete all employee data. Ojoor offers our customers the tools they need (product features/customer support) to fulfil any such demands whenever and however they choose.

How long are the data kept?

Depending on the agreement we have with our customer. We keep data until it is specifically deleted by default. But from contract to contract, we provide our clients the option to set up a routine data cleaning process. However, we always support data erasure requests from all of our clients made to support@ojoor.net. We destroy data with an additional grace period at the time that is defined or requested by our clients.

Access to the information

– Customer support agents who can access Ojoor services to update employee information.
– Access to personal data by employees.
– The internal team at Ojoor only when a customer support request is made and data access is required to support that request.

Who has the authority to remove employee data?

The agreement between the employee and the employer (customer) governs the data retention. Therefore, any deletion of employee information is the customer’s responsibility.

Is it possible to restore the erased data?

All of the employee’s data in the system is still retained after an exit action on the employee. The actual deletion action itself is irreversible and cannot be undone.

Can I access, amend, remove, or change the personal information I have?

Ojoor is a service provider, and the client (your employer) owns the data you submit and controls your access. To seek the deletion or updating of your data while you are employed or after your employment, please get in touch with your employer (customer) directly.