Organizations to create and maintain a comprehensive skills database

Ojoor in Saudi Arabia is a comprehensive software solution specifically designed to address the unique needs and requirements of organizations operating in the Saudi Arabian market

Ojoor HRMS that offers a range of modules,
including job and vacancies management

It allows organizations to create and manage job positions, post vacancies,
receive applications, and streamline the hiring process.


Ojoor allowing organizations to define job positions

Ojoor allows HR administrators to create and define job positions within the system. This includes specifying the job title, department, responsibilities, qualifications, and any other relevant details.

Ojoor helped us achieve a major milestone in our digital transformation journey in managing our 15,000 workforce with ease

Tufail Gill

Vice President HR


Candidates through features such as interview Scheduling

Scheduling and managing interviews with candidates. It allows interviewers to view candidate profiles, select suitable time slots, and send interview invitations. Integration with calendar systems ensures seamless scheduling and avoids conflicts.

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