Cloud HR Automation and Digital Payroll disbursements simplified.

HR Operations automation is no more a nightmare! Your people enabler is Ojoor. Ojoor has all the tools you require to build a good to great organization, from automating people procedures to developing an engaged and motivated culture. #1 Cloud Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia.

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Integrated with Mudad, GOSI and Muqeem.

Integrations that protect your business from penalties and streamline your HR administration.

Smart HR to keep up with the changing world

The world is changing now and will continue to do so. By operating more efficiently, Cloud Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia HR enables your teams to adapt, develop, and scale. Spend less time on boring activities and more time thinking strategically. Utilize data to make wiser decisions and design engaging experiences for your staff.

People data & Analytics
Connect all your people together in one place and gain powerful insights
Payroll & Expense tracking
Automate and pay employees on time and stay compliant. All remotely
Performance and Culture
Create a culture of high performance teams and see your business scale
Hiring and Onboarding
Continue to hire and onboard great talent remotely during these times